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Well. The Borg used to be awesome. They're an awesome idea, certainly, but as we've all seen, badly misused.

They could be brought back, but the key is, you've got take some advice from Aretha Franklin and treat them with R E S P E C T.

That means: the Borg almost never can be defeated, unless Starfleet is being incredibly clever. Our jaws should hit the floor, they're so clever. Short of that, the Borg wins. Most of the time, the only solution is just to run away.

And assimilation is P E R M A N E N T. No go-backs. No treating assimilation like a dress-up party. The next time the Borg is brought into a story, some popular character should be assimilated and it's permanent. Someone like Chekov. Something that will punch us in the gut, make us really understand, shit is getting real.
The mysterious, impossible to negotiate to menace gets old quick. If the writers had stayed with that portrayal of the borg, the borg would have become one-note boring.
Any player that is shown repeatedly needs to be developed for it to stay interesting; horror shows are, ultimately, repetitive and stale.

Invincible: in Dr Who, it's the daleks - invincible malevolence; and yet, their purpose in the show is to be defeated.

The same is true about the borg - their purpose is to be defeated; if the writers actually wrote the borg winning, killing billions, eventually assimilating the entire federation - this would get depressing, old, real quick; Battlestar Galactica is more up-beat than this.

Which means the borg must be made to have chinks in their armor. Why? Because, realistically, a species with the attributes of the borg would curbstomp the federation easily if it knew how to use its abilities to their full potential. No amount of clever tricks would change this, regardless of their cleverness; especially with the borg having the magical ability to become utterly immune to anything tried against them before.
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