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Re: 60s Batman show rights issues resolved!

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Oh gods no...

*Shakes head in dismay*

I know a lot of people might enjoy that old show for nostalgia reasons and what not, but it's such a stain of camp and nonsense to the bat franchise that it's just going to be very painful to see it proliferated again after all these years. Especially now that the Bat is so well regarded thanks to the Nolan films.

Yeah, and TOS's release really harmed the "cred" of the later series and J.J.'s movie so it should totally be taken off the shelves.

I doubt the release of the 1960s TV series will harm any of Batman's cred in the movies and comics.

They couldn't just replace the music?
That would be the worst idea in the long, sad, history of bad ideas. Changing it to generic, PD, music would have a heavy impact on the tone of the series. (see: WKRP in Cincinnati and Married with Children.)
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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