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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

The inaugeration of President Nanietta Vaccine as supreme leader of the Federation sparked protest today from political spokesmen in the Breen Confederacy, who called it a move motivated by fear and anti-Breen sentiment.

"President Vaccine's appointment to the highest office in the Federation is an obvious and hostile response to the overtures made of late by Domo Virus" claimed Thot Snot, military liaison to the Confederate Congress. "The paranoia inherent in such an act gives the lie to Federation claims of open acceptance and benevolent foreign policy".

The Federation Council denies that President Vaccine's administration is preparing to preemptively block Breen efforts to connect with the Federation, but critics maintain that Vaccine's popularity with the voting public clearly rests on her commitment to Federation security, not on her diplomatic program.

"Some of those alien powers are lethal" notes media analyst Supremehypo th'Chondriac. "President Vaccine knows that a prosperous Federation retains its strength only by preparing for the worse, fortifying our sense of national identity prior to these aliens getting a foot in the door".

Asked whether planned Starfleet war games in the Im'oon System were to use simulated Breen units as opponents, newly appointed spokesman for the President Horace Scrub commented: "The President will announce her plans to the press in due time. For now, it suffices that the people's mandate passes to Vaccine, and her policy is not one of aggression. Preparation is as far as she'll take it".
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