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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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I thought the themes were handled well, and I'm glad the film doesn't leave us with a simple answer to all the questions it poses.
I don't understand your point of view. Yes, the movie raises some basic questions about the origin of human life, but it never addresses them in any significant way, except to have a couple of characters tell us that these things are Very Important.
What else should one expect from Lindelof? Same shit went on with Lost as well. I refuse to acknowledge that last season and that flash forward/sideways...whatever bullshit.

How congruous that the latter half of this flick was, for lack of a better word, shit.

That seems to be a common reaction, but at the same time I'm noticing that people who actually LIKE the ambiguous nature of Lindelof's storytelling (and who embraced the same thing in Lost), seem to be liking the movie a bit more.

Fortunately I'm one of those in the second camp, so hopefully I won't find the movie quite as irritating as others here...

(crosses fingers)
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