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Re: Star Trek Vanguard: In Tempest's wake by Dayton Ward

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But I simply prefer a real book.
There's nothing less real about an ebook, darn it! That was the entire point!
To you perhaps, not to me. I understand very well that bytes on a harddrive exists and aren't some sort of make believe entity that exists in shadows and bynairy code. I understand that when you download something, even a picture from a website, you physically alter the state of your harddrive, meaning that there is something now encoded on it which exists.

But to me, it's not the same. And honoustly, for most people it won't be, even when they are smart enough to understand that an e-book is real. They feel a different connection to a book. You try and make us understand something here, but do you get our point of view? That we feel the need to smell paper, to feel the rustling of the paper, the glossy feel of the paperback cover, or the slight roughness of the hardcover version?
To some people, reading is more then just words, it's a complete experience. I (and countless romantics with me) need that. Cold, hard keyboards and screens don't give me that same feeling. That feeling of looking at my bookcase, smiling at all the little works of art that are in there (not just Trek, but so much more). We need that, that connection.

And an e-book will never give us that. That's not superstition, it's emotion.
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