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Re: Star Trek Vanguard: In Tempest's wake by Dayton Ward

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Also, and this is my biggest point.... I'm paying for bytes, something I can't hold and only exists in a digital form. If I buy something, I want it to be real, something I actually physically own, not just digitally. Personal issue of mine, can't help it. But I don't spend money on something I don't actually own. One computercrash, and I have to buy it again.
This comes up so often, and it really bugs me: Computer memory of any variety is not metaphysical, it is very physical. If you buy a DRM-free ebook file and download it to your local computer, you have a physical manifestation of a book on your premises just as with a codex. What's more, "one good fire, and you have to buy it again" equally applies to codices, too.

Yes, you're talking a gut feeling. That's fine, but own up to it. Don't use and perpetuate notions that are simply factually false. Don't equate haptic and physical. You're a scifi fan; be kind to science. Calling an ebook file non-physical simply amounts to superstition and mystifying technology that is not mythical or magical in any way.
There is nothing superstitious to it. It's just the way I feel. Nothing metaphysical either, not to me anyway. I just don't like the idea of it. I'm not a technophobe if that's what your implying.
But I simply prefer a real book. And now I'm basicly forced into buying either new equipment I don't want, or read in a way I don't find enjoyable. And saying I MUST embrace new ideas just because I love SF is it a bit farfetched. Just because an idea is new and technologically progressive, doesn't mean that as a sf-fan I automatically love it.
And honoustly, I find the comment about being superstitious a bit insulting. I understand you don't mean it that way, but that last sentence sound a bit condesending. You make me sound like I'm some sort of low-minded nitwit who's afraid of 'them there machinary' or something.
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