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Re: 60s Batman show rights issues resolved!

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Oh gods no...

*Shakes head in dismay*

I know a lot of people might enjoy that old show for nostalgia reasons and what not, but it's such a stain of camp and nonsense to the bat franchise that it's just going to be very painful to see it proliferated again after all these years. Especially now that the Bat is so well regarded thanks to the Nolan films.

That's ridiculous. I've never understood the subsection of Bat fandom that thinks the only version of Batman that should ever be represented is The Dark Knight!

It's not like the character was only presented as dark and gritty in his 73 year history.

Heck, even the Dark Knight Detective version written by Bill Finger wasn't all that dark. He was cracking one liners that would have worked in a Bugs Bunny short.

Some people like to pretend The Caped Crusader wasn't the Batman of choice for like twenty years. The Adam West show didn't spring up out of nowhere! It was inspired by the Batman of the 50s and 60s. Sure as hell, none of those fans want to admit that without the Adam West series Detective Comics and Batman would have been cancelled due to sagging sales.

Adam "Batman" West saved the Batman comics series!

Some fans take the character waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously.
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