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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I liked the idea of the Enterprise going on a Gamma Quadrant exploration mission. When DS9 first premiered, I sometimes thought it would be cool if TNG had the Enterprise assigned to a long-term GQ survey, so that they could do some serious, heavy-duty exploring and have periodic crossovers with DS9. So this is kinda like a longtime wish come true for me.

Plus it's gotta be a relief for Picard (not to mention Trys!) to be doing some actual exploration for the first time since the Borg Invasion. I'm glad that finally happened. I wish we could've seen more of it.

Oh trust me, I love reading about the Enterprise and her crew. I just wish there was a reason why the Enterprise was needed for this mission. Though I suppose being a top of the line explorer is enough.
I would think the Enterprise was needed because of Picard's knowledge of the Romulans through first hand experience.

Also a very good point, hadn't thought of that.

Something else I've been wondering today....

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