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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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I thought the themes were handled well, and I'm glad the film doesn't leave us with a simple answer to all the questions it poses.
I don't understand your point of view. Yes, the movie raises some basic questions about the origin of human life, but it never addresses them in any significant way, except to have a couple of characters tell us that these things are Very Important.

Where do we come from? What does it mean for us to meet our creators? It's not so much that the film doesn't leave us with a simple answer: the film doesn't even bother to explore its premise and it does nothing at all with these questions; it just brings them up and that's it.

So I'd be interested to know what in the movie lead you to think that the themes were handled well. What did I miss?
I agree the ideas were jumbled, but David has a few scenes where he questioned why meeting the creators was so important to humans, and relating it to himself as a robot. Repace's faith was the focus of a few scenes in there, and important to the ending where she decides to "keep searching".

Perhaps what I should of said is "I'm glad this isn't a blatantly dumb movie like Resurrection"...
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