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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

I'm glad I didn't bother watching Raw, the Cena/Cole thing sounded absolutely atrocious. Is this going to be Cena's thing now, where he'll humiliate non-wrestlers in slapstick style encounters and then continue to defeat every credible performer decisively?

This current character is comparable to Doink cleanly defeating the likes of Bret Hart or Yokozuna on a regular basis. In fact, let's examine Cena's character over the years...

2002: Hotshot rookie era
2003-2004: White rapper era
2004-2005: The most "controversial" superstar era
2006-2007: The "marine" era
2008: The "backseat to Triple H" era
2009-2011: The king of the PG era
2012-: The ridiculously booked era

As you can see, it's all over the fucking place! The ridiculous booking is SUPPOSED to occur near the beginning or in the middle of a performers career not at the peak. A gimmick for gimmick sake is supposed to happen at the beginning of a performer's career, whilst they are still trying to establish themselves. The "marine" gimmick came about during Cena's second WWE Championship reign.

I think many fans, even casual fans who aren't really bothered with Cena's shoddy booking and performances would be offended if he were to be the sole focus of Raw again with his current gimmick trend (thankfully we have CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Triple H, John Laurinaitis and Brock Lesnar all part of the main event picture).
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