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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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@Holdfast: Oh I learned years ago how to change my brake and headlights myself. Sooner or later, I'll start changing the oil myself as well. But yeah, fuck the whole mentality of it all. The irony of this time being that literally two days before the warning light came on, I had spent a significant amount of money on plane tickets to go home for my sister's wedding next month.

-doubleoh, broke.
Hope you have lots of fun at the wedding though, and best wishes for the couple.
Thanks! I just got my invitation in the mail yesterday. I mailed out the RSVP, but I also created an appointment for it in my Google Calendar... and then I invited my sister and her fiancÚ to join me.

My brother and sister-in-law both have access to my GCalendar so I use it to tease her all the time. They got married a year ago in a very big celebration and I had put the event in my calendar as "Some wedding or something." I love sharing calendars.
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