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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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If you haven't seen the new WWE Championship belt design yet, you should check it out
Apparently that's one of the side plates, not the center part of the belt. Makes sense if you look at the current belt which has side plates similar in shape. But yeah, anything's better than the spinner. I'm surprised that's lasted so long--I thought they'd use Punk's winning the championship last summer as an opportunity to ditch it.

Overheard in the WWE writers' room before this week's Raw:
  • Writer #1: "Crap, both Orton and Jericho are suspended so we're going to have a hard time filling up this week's Raw."
  • Writer #2: "Hmmm. Can we can bring over some Smackdown guys like Christian, Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio and develop their angles?"
  • Writer #1: "Good idea. Good thing we re-branded Raw as the Super Show so we can showcase anyone without worry why Smackdown guys are on Raw. We also have these new Smackdown guys we can develop--Damian Sandow and Antonio Cesaro have already been on TV a few times and it might be a good time to have Dean Ambrose's feud with Mick Foley start in primetime."
  • Vince: "Too risky. Too many new faces at once. No one will relate to them. People want familiarity. I love big guys so let's have Ryback squash two 125 pound, local talents instead. And the jobbers can be obnoxious and rap first. The crowd will love it when Ryback kills them."
  • Writer #1: "Um, okay."
  • Vince: "Then let's have John Cena break Tensai's win streak and squash Michael Cole. People will LOVE that!"
  • Writers: "Tensai hasn't been getting over anyway so we can sacrifice him to Cena...but what's Cole got to do with anything?"
  • Vince: "And BBQ sauce. We need to have Cena douse Cole in J.R.'s BBQ sauce because it's summer and people love BBQ!"
  • Writers: *facepalm*
  • Vince: "And I'll make an appearance on next week's Raw because my return will instantly boost ratings! I won't actually do anything major but we don't need to tell that to the audience. Just my presence should pop a 6.0 rating. Make sure the production team airs lots of commercials every five minutes advertising my return. And one extra bit at the end too, just to make sure people are aware that I'm coming back."
  • Writers: "..."

Aside from the A.J./Punk/Bryan/Kane angle, that entire episode of Raw was garbage.
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