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Re: VRML TOS Enterprise

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Thanks for the advice - you found the pics of the soundstage model - in several of the pics, from overhead, you can see the engineering area, and the two stand-by power units from above, and you can see the darker blue, which means there is a hole in the top of that model... it's rather large...
It doesn't have to be a big hole to let light hit the blue drum from above... but in Court Martial, they used a red light, placed just behind the huge crossbar to some effect.
I'll try making the hole bigger...

FYI - the naked time jpg isn't public, so I can't see it!
That's odd about the screen cap, Trekcore isn't blocking me from seeing it. Worse case, you can just go the page on Trekcore and click on the image in the middle column, second row from the bottom.

As far as I can tell, the opening starts at the front crossbar and continues on to the back crossbar of the device. But, I think it could be said that is true for one of the machines and the 2nd machine could be partially or completely closed at the top.

Good luck!
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