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I really need some advice, I am obviously doing something wrong and I can't for the life of me figure out what.

I am currently Rear Admiral, Lower Half (42), and for the last 13 levels have been stopped by this one particular mission. I cannot seem to beat the Romulan ship Sithesh, from the Romulan front mission Ground Zeros. It's heavy photon torpedoes keep tearing me to shreds.
I had a lot of problems with this ship initially on my Science Officer - mind you, I attempted the mission at the level you can first obtain it, so not sure how the Sitesh scales to RA. Since learning a few tactics for D'deridex class, I've been able to beat it - died a couple of times in my Intrepid, but beat her first time out now I'm levelling a Tac Officer in an escort.

Get a PBAoE damage power. ANY damage to a Heavy Torp will destroy it, and with PBAoE you don't need to take weapons lock off the main target... Beam Fire At Will has too high a chance of not hitting all three torps in time, for my liking. Photonic Shockwave or Tractor Repulsors will save your skin - the latter is my preference since it locks onto the warbird herself once it's destroyed the torps, and the knockback gives you some distance. If you can remember to save those up to fire off when the torps get within range, you'll survive. About the only thing the Romulan ship can do about it is luckily down those systems with Viral Matrix or subsystem damage.

If you can't polarize the hull to remove the tractor beam, try Evasive Maneuvers - it won't break you free, but you'll be able to turn better which helps keep a strong shield facing the warbird... even if you destroy the torps, her disruptors are still gonna hurt if focused on one facing for too long. Jam Sensors if you can.

Assuming you have a shield repair and can boost your weapons enough to keep up a slow, steady stream of damage on the Sitesh, you'll wear her down.
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