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Cynics Corner put it quite aptly: wrote:
EUNUCH OF THE WEEK: The Borg Collective, whose demolition by Star Trek's writers is now complete. They now appear to be totally incompetent, and seem to function not much differently than all the other Star Trek "villain races," like, say, the Kazon. They have a sneering lead villain, namely the poorly-conceived and poorly-executed Borg Queen, and stooges stumbling around failing to accomplish anything and doing questionable things like turning on viewscreens with keypads. (Hello? Why would a collective mind, fully integrated into their ships' systems, need to do that?). One Borg cube decimated an entire fleet of Starships ten years ago. Now, one pissant shuttlecraft can enter Borg Headquarters, and escape? The Borg Queen has total control over the ship, modifying shields, weapons, etc., with a mere thought, but when Janeway shoots some dumb little circuit box, all the Queen can do is stand there gaping while Janeway and Seven are whisked away? I could go on and on...

TEMPORAL ANOMALY OF THE WEEK: Not only was the quality of the Borg ruined, but their history was corrupted as well, thanks to sloppy retconning with regard to the Hansens. The Hansens, Starfleet scientists, left to go Borg-hunting in a Starfleet vessel, fully ten years before Starfleet's first contact with the Borg, armed with a perfectly accurate model of a Borg Cube, and run into a real Borg Cube, not in the Delta Quadrant, but right "in the neighborhood" of the Federation? Right. Even now, flocks of Trekkie Rationalizers are busy trying to explain that one away. But the sad truth is that a slight revision of the Hansons' story would have made this bullshit unnecessary. How about this, for instance: the Hansons were eccentric explorers, who left for unexplored space, fell into a (wormhole/conduit/anomaly), ended up in the Delta Quadrant, studied the Borg long enough to develop the crucial tech Voyager needed, and were assimilated. No muss, no fuss, and no screwing with established continuity. Instead, the writers piss all over The Next Generation by messing around with the Borg's timeline, making Picard and company look like idiots for being oblivious to the existence of the Borg.
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