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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

While "Let He . . . Without Sin . . ." is a pretty ridiculous episode, with Worf and Dax acting pretty out of character, I did really enjoy the moment where Worf finally opens up and talks about the accidental death from his youth and how it shaped him into the man he is today. Good defining character moment.

It was nice to see more of Dax's spots, but unfortunately that was kept to a minimum (at least the bright out-door scenes) because of Terry Farrell's skin condition.

Alexander Siddig has stated that this wasn't his best work because he was pretty distracted by the birth of his son, who Nana Visitor gave birth to during the episode (which also explains why Kira is not in the episode).

The thing that really annoyed me about the "death by jamaharon" tid-bit is not just that it's hard to reconcile with the Orb flashback that Jadzia Dax had in "Emissary", but I am reminded that yet again we are learning about Curzon's past, but not any of the other prior Dax hosts.

This originally started out in the writers' minds as an episode about 24th century liberal attitudes toward sexual freedom and exploration. It makes sense after all, in their society with medical advances that certainly have eliminated almost all STDs and made birth control very convenient and reliable, that sex would happen more freely. The episode takes place on the planet of free love. "What happens on Risa, stays on Risa" kind of thing. But ultimately, the sexual freedom seen in the episode is not significantly more than seen in other episodes. Another clear chance for a gay or lesbian encounter (if not long-term relationship), but they failed once again to go there. Ultimately, while the writers might have been interested in going a little deeper into 24th century sexual freedom, the producers and audience weren't. So some other stupid plot had to be made (where Worf acts way out of character). Worf and Dax usually get along much better.

I was glad Julian and Leeta ended their relationship amicably. They weren't right for each other. (And just when did they officially get together in the first place? It wasn't shown on screen.) But it's also nice to have a friendly parting-of-ways versus a fight or something. Also, it reminds us that the Bajorans are aliens. More importantly, Julian had to get rid of any steady girlfriend before he could more easily be taken over by the changeling spy in soon-to-be episodes.
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