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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

The characters motivations don't make sense because in a way they've been forced into various storylines thanks to Schism. While I enjoyed Schism very much, and have been loving ReGenesis equally, I was of the opinion and still am, that Marvel editorial forced these story lines upon Cyclops and Logan. They took little strands of threads and then extrapolated them into full blown story lines...after spending a good two or three years beforehand uniting the mutant species and building Utopia. I didn't think it made sense then and I still don't despite liking the results.

I have to admit that this whole event has felt incredibly disjointed and just an incredible mess. I believe the plan to have multiple writers and artists work on it (while good on paper) in execution just plain hasn't worked at all. The tie-ins have been better than the actual series for the most part. Act I was a bad excited as I was at the interest has been slowly waning. I might drop this frankly and read it when it's collected in trade in a few months.
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