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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

Ah...I won't say who or what I'm invoking, there--but I will say that the cable news channels weren't quite what I was going for--least of all CNN or Headline. Remember, the third "host" seems to be more religiously inclined, asking listeners to pray for Ezri Dax, etc. Ted Turner's channels are many things--but I hardly think they are Host Three.

There are specific individuals that I'd based Hosts One and Three on (I'd rather not say who--please don't ask, let alone guess). Two is simply an exaggerated conglameration of the opposite POV of One.

But--and this is important--the point isn't particularly any "left vs. right", per se. I am just showing the extremes of anti-patriotism (which angers our heroine), and loud, irreverent flag-waving (which amuses her)--and contrasting both with legit, heartfelt devotion to those who serve--true patriotism.

Interesting note: I'd actually debated with myself on whether or not I should remove that sequence--I was concerned it might distract from the story.

I ultimately decided to keep it, to "show" that--like today--there are vehement political discussions and debates in the 24th Century. I believe that's a very good thing--honesty in political debate is something I love. However...sometimes, it can get a little...interesting.

Anyway, this tale, more than anything else, is a look at how a major event like this effects so many in society--from the darkest alleys of the netherworld of espionage (Section 31), to the highest halls of government (Bacco)--to Ezri herself--to the guards she converses with in the beginning of the scene--to some other characters I haven't brought in yet--and of these commentators.

BTW...any thoughts on the beinning of the chapter?
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