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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Barb Wire is only worth watching with the right bottle of spirits. It tanked at the B.O.

Timecop actually did decent though. This was back when the internet was still $1.99 a minute and it was easier to get news through a magazine but I recall there were talks of a sequel. Details escape me but I did like Timecop. Haven't see in it 15+yrs, wonder if it holds up?
Timecop II the Berlin Decision

Jason Scott Lee had to save Hitler from being executed by a rogue Timecop.

There was also a 9 episode long TV show that had one episode where Bruce Campbell portrayed a visiting Timecop who played it fast and loose with the rules.
I don't think it'll be good but next stop Netflix, I'll add it to the queue. Somewhere down the list.
AND there was a 9 episode TV show.
Amazing what you can miss in the blink of the internet.
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