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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

I saw this earlier today....

I've tried to avoid most of the promotional material, and go in with an open mind and a clean slate...

The film is kind of.... meh....

The first half and hour or so are great but the film goes downhill fast. While the acting and the visuals are great, they don't save the clumsily structured mess that is on screen.

The most suspenseful scenes are when it evokes imagery and scenes from Alien. The film suffers from having too many characters and being poorly paced. It felt very disjointed, almost as if it's like it's the first three episodes of a visually interesting twelve part mini-series spliced together rather poorly and trimmed to feature length by an amateur. It's kind of let down by the lack of a clear protagonist.

On the plus side, Michael Fassbender is fantastic as David the Android and, like I said before, the visuals are great. I also love the use of practical effects in this film.

Also, an urgent note to Ridley Scott, old people should be portrayed by old actors not middle aged actors in really bad halloween masks. The 3D isn't anything to write home about. Overall, the film was very lackluster and choppy. Very disappointing.
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