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I mean, writers respecting the Borg as characters, not the audience respecting the Borg as if they were real beings.

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No treating assimilation like a dress-up party.
After Picard and Seven that's impossible.
VOY managed it. I was thinking in particular of one episode where the EMH turned everyone into Borg to infiltrate the Collective and then medically de-Borged them at the end of their mission. Yeesh. That sort of thing must never happen again - turning the Borg into a joke.

As for the Jems, cut them off from the white and they die.
But would the nanoprobes cure the Jem'Hadar of their addition? Or perhaps they could produce the white as well.

That would be a clever adaptation of the Borg, wouldn't it? I could forsee a fun arms race between the Dominion and the Borg, with the galaxy as the prize.
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