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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Let He Who Is Without Sin... (0)
I'd give the episode a **1/2. It's flawed but not too terrible. Worf is a real asshole (a lot more than usual) but there's so much booty and eyecandy (Jadzia's swimsuit, Leeta's boobs and those Risian chicks) that it kind of makes up for it. Plus it had some really funny moments like Worf going all mushy seeing Jadzia in her swimsuit, Quark with those (forget what they're called) two wooden sexual idols...

The Essentialists; myah. Really the episode was dragged down by Worf behaving too much like an asshole. But I thought that scene with him telling that childhood story to Jadzia was quite touching. Another thing people don't quite get is that Worf is a man of extremes. He is a Klingon, a bit out of place everywhere he goes (though in later seasons of TNG he seemed to fit in), so his emotional reactions reflect his core Klingon attitude. Maybe Worf was simply really pissed off and he couldn't do any Klingon rituals or traditions to resolve the situation so he resorted to petty jealousy and irritation.

In any case Let He Who Is Without Sin... deserves something above 0 and the only episode in DS9 worth a 0 is Rivals or perhaps Meridian.
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