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you've got take some advice from Aretha Franklin and treat them with R E S P E C T.
It hard to respect slavery. I never have bought into the "collective" thing, the majority of the Borg are slaves, pure and simple. If they actually were a collective, think of it this way, if you went to a penitentiary and told the prisoners that they were in change now, that their collective were completely running things, the first thing they would do is free themselves.

And so would the Borg majority, certainly the newly assimilated. The fact that he accepted the whole collective BS, shows Picard having one of his idle-minded periods.

No treating assimilation like a dress-up party.
After Picard and Seven that's impossible. They did show that Picard had psychological problem after only a few days with the Borg. Seven's problems were more protracted with her ingrained Stockholm syndrome, they never completely separated her, not really.

As for the Jems, cut them off from the white and they die.
But would the nanoprobes cure the Jem'Hadar of their addition? Or perhaps they could produce the white as well.

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