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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Yeah, Let he Who is Without Sin is without a doubt the second-worst DS9 episode. At least Meridian and The Muse, while their A-plots were definitely as bad, had okay B-plots. Let he who is without sin has no such saving graces... Worf was an awful caricature of himself, Risa was vile and tacky (It's the very last planet in Star Trek I would like to take a vacation on, Ceti Alpha Five and its ooie-gooie ear crawl worms included), the New Essentialists idiotic (protesting by tearing down curtains, really threatening, guys), Curzon didn't die that way as seen in Emissary, and somehow even the many women in bathing suits weren't that attractive.

It's bizarre how such an awful episode is right next to such greatness... The laws of electromagnetics must apply to Star Trek episodes too, making powerful positive and powerful negative charges attracted to each other.
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