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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x21 - "Into the Fire" (part 2 of 3)

Vaughn and Opaka? .... perfect.

The hints have been there forever. It's rare that these relationships develop organically in ST. Usually it's some forced plot point that forces characters together, and then the attempt is to rationalize it after the fact. (Troi and Worf, Seven and Chakotay etc.) So this is just great.

And with Sisko and the plan against the Ascendants. I've been watching all the prophecies and flashbacks, and never put it together. Amazing how Destiny, The Visitor, and Sacrifice of Angels could be so weaved together to create a believable plan of action. Magnificent. Once again, it may be somewhat technobabble, but it believable using already established phenomenon rather than just making up some magical radiation or force or new use for a deflector dish like Star Trek likes to do far too often for my taste.

Add this to Sisko doing what he knows what must be done, but just like lying to Vaughn before, he is not really happy with what the Prophets are having him do.

Can't wait for part 3.
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