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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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I did manage to snag a potentally very nice porfolio/document case at a great price off eBay thanks to a tip-off from a friend (the seller didn't realise what they had) but it hasn't arrived yet so I'm not counting my chickens on that one just yet.
It arrived. And it's really rather nice. A very high quality portfolio that has a few marks but is in very good used condition overall and I got it for a fraction of what you'd normally pay for the brand, even used. The leather responded nicely to a little TLC with some nourishing cream too.

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Ten new STAR WARS action figures from my friend's toy shop, all ones I didn't have before.
You must have quite the collection by now. Do you display them, or hoard them in a giant safe, occasionally swimming amongst them in McDuckesque fasion?

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Woah; big bill. What happened?
I had to replace the timing belt and water pump in my engine.

A major portion of the cost was about $600 for a screw cap that needed to be replaced, but was not available on its own. Likewise, a rubber hose needed to be replaced but was also not available for sale individually. Both items were included in repair kits, so while all those new parts were installed in my engine, it doubled the cost of the repair. Fun times!

I go through this every 8 months or so though, where I have to throw ~$500.00 to $900.00 in repairs on my car. This is the last time though; I've already started shopping around for another car. And I guarantee it will not be a Volkswagon.
Avoid all VAG cars if this kind of thing bugs you. For example, Audi play a fun maintenance game: nothing can be replaced by you because there's a super-duper secret screwdriver or hidden access port required to get to anything. I have a rear brake light warning currently showing but I've never figured out how to replace them myself (the manual's no help; it tells you not to try and there's no obvious access point) and haven't yet found the time to go the dealer and get it done. IIRC, they've only ever charged me the bulb cost for changing it, but it's the hassle of actually going there, you know?
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