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Re: The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon cancelled

Hmm, the cancellation of A:EMH is a shame, especially seeing that Avengers Assemble poster with Black Widow as the only woman on the team. I really like EMH's Wasp and Ms. Marvel.

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^ As you say, given the success of the movie, one would have expected this to carry on.
The Avengers will carry on, just not in this form. Reports are that Jeph Loeb, who's in charge of Marvel's animated shows now, preferred to take things in a different direction. So it's a creative decision rather than a financial one.

There seems to be no real correlation between successful comic book movies and tv cartoon versions of the same characters. The Iron Man Armoured adventures doesn't seem to have lasted very long.
No, that's still airing. It's been on midseason hiatus since March, but it actually returns tonight, with eight episodes remaining in season 2, and Wikipedia says they're working on a third season though it hasn't definitely been given the go-ahead yet.

There have been at least 2 attempts to make a Spider-man cartoon since the Raimi movies, but neither lasted long.
I don't know why MTV's CGI Spider-Man failed (aside from not being very good), but The Spectacular Spider-Man was a casualty of corporate maneuvers, not low ratings. When Disney acquired Marvel, contracts were renegotiated (or something), and in order to retain the movie rights to Spider-Man, Sony/Columbia (which produced SSM) ceded the TV rights back to Marvel. And rather than bankrolling the further production of SSM, Marvel/Disney decided to replace it with their own in-house Spidey show, Ultimate Spider-Man.

And The Batman was cancelled, despite the success of the Nolanverse.
As stated above, it ended on schedule rather than being cancelled -- and was followed by Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which also ran for 65 episodes before being ended. And BB&B will be followed by Beware the Batman, which is currently in production for a 2013 premiere. So one could hardly say that Batman is a failure in animation.
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