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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

Ok, whatever, It may be my opinion, and the opinion of almost anyone I meet. It might also be shared by a majority of critics on Rotten tomatoes that I've read, various blogs by genre fans I've visited. Hardly accurate sources, and I haven't conducted any scientific surveys or recorded statistics, - and my opinion certainly colors things, but I'm just stating what I see.
My point; I would not be surprised if the new Avenger 2 lead in films with separate heroes fail to meet expectations at the box office. I would not be surprised if ASM has mediocre box office reception. Same with Man of steel. I say that this will happen despite the success of the Avengers.
I think Marvel's strategy, the way they built it up (not to mention good casting) was what made Avengers so successful. It also felt like a comic book on screen dispensing with the things people didn't want really see again (romance plots, origin stories) and gave them more of what they did want to see (different heroes working together, a script that wasn't super-deep but also treated the characters with due respect). It was not a perfect film, but,as Ebert said, it gave fans what they wanted (if not what they deserved). I ndo think its success was due ito its build up and the fact that people walked out having had a good time.

But they just will keep going to that well again and again. It will run dry.
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