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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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I just disagree that it's not unwarranted or undeserving to look at a screenwriter as you would any other person in the process-director, producer, composer etc.. and say "Do I like your prior work?", "What have you done lately, was I impressed?"
How do you feel about the directors of You, Me and Dupree directing Captain America 2?
I noticed in the Release I read it mentioned their roles as executive producers on Community. Which, as a show is fairly good I thought "But they are producers, what have they directed?" So I go to IMDB, not impressed.
As a personal rule I'm leary about directing teams.
For every Matrix you get Ghost Rider 2.

As Greg points out upthread some times unconventional has worked. Favs getting Iron Man is the recent example of that. It also springboarded the whole thing. But I wasn't worried for some reason. This is the first director choice that has made me really sit up though. Marvel is due a misfire and these guys, looking at imdb, seem a bit more comedic friendly. I don't want a Cap film going that route. The "fish out of water" schtick only goes so far. Over used it drags on a film, imo. Dark Shadows was fine until act II when Barnabas awakens in the "present", queue fish out of water jokes that ran long.
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