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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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I'm seeing a general sense of comic-book overload, a lot of people are kind of sick of them.
People have been saying that for years and predicting that the bubble will pop and the genre will come to a crashing halt, and yet it keeps trucking on. Like any genre, there'll be hits and misses and the number of films released in any given year will go up and down, but I think the genre is here to stay.
Exactly. I've come to think that the comic book film genre has evolved in three phases and the current(3rd) phase solidifies the genre.
Phase One
Superman '78 - Superman IV '87: turkey film Howard the Duck
Phase Two
Batman '89 - Men In Black '97: turkey's Judge Dredd, Barb Wire for starters, MIB showed non-traditional could work also.
Phase Three
Blade '98 - Avengers '12: turkey's Elektra, Catwoman, GR2 for starters

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Don't get me wrong I want a JL movie but a good one.
Woah, really?
Help me out, why are you surprised?

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Superhero movies are a genre now, like cop thrillers or comedies. I don't see them going away any time soon.
The genre has survived, thrived and grown over the past 30+ years with a few turkeys along each decade. Yet Hollywood isn't anymore deterred than when a Grisham novel adaptation tanks. It's a rich source of literary material with a built in audience.
Anyone looking for comic films to go away is not being objective about it. I'm not even sure a general slow down is coming any time soon.
Marvel just completed Phase One of their plans with ringing success. Phase Two is filming now with IM3 underway.
Sony is rebooting Spider-man, results TBD
Fox has arguably(?) already rejuvenated it's X-Men saga with First Class. Sequel forthcoming and Wolverine 2 starting later this year. They also seem intent on DD and FF reboots.
Warners, per this thread, is so encouraged it's got JLA out to script as well as Flash, WW with Man of Steel out next year.
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