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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

[QUOTE=Flying Spaghetti Monster;6456457][I'm seeing a general sense of comic-book overload, a lot of people are kind of sick of them. That's all Hollywood is making. watchmen wasn't the success that the studio wanted. Superman returns wasn't either. People didn't buy into how cool Green Lantern would be.. I don't see a lot of excitement for Spider-Man, partly for the reasons you mentioned. But in general, i think the movie going public is ready to move on. [/QUOTE]

[Hope you don't mind that I bolded the key statements for easy reference. Just to be clear, the emphasis is definitely mine.]

Anyway, are you sure you're not just projecting your own feelings on the "movie-going public"? Aside from "a general sense" regarding "a lot of people," I'm not seeing any evidence that audiences have gotten bored with superheroes. Who are these mysterious people you're talking about? Not the ones lining up for the movies, surely, or burning up the internet with constant speculation and rumors about the latest new superhero movie.

It sounds to me like you're sick of superhero movies, and ready to move on, but I don't see any sort of trend here.

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