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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Well they are a business and the goal is to make money. If that can be done with something with artistic integrity? Great. If it can be done with garbage from Adam Sandler? Great.

They don't care how they make money.....they're there to make money. All other considerations are secondary.
That is 100% true. And there's nothing wrong with it legally, ethically or morally.

I think the issue, however, is that Marvel put some thought into how to set up an Avengers movie and benefited from decisions made along the way.

WB seems to have simply looked at the grosses for Avengers and decided to just imitate the film concept without considering the need to lay the groundwork that actually made the concept work.

Sure, it might turn out okay. However, given that we have only an untested Superman reboot, a failed Green Lantern film and a successful film Batman that won't be part of the team (in that you don't have Bale/Nolan) to lead up to it, one has to wonder just how they think they'll do this film successfully at this time.

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i think the movie going public is ready to move on. You could use the Avengers tremendous success to question my point, but that film was a culmination of years of build up. People wanted to see it, they wanted to see how it played. Same with TDKR, the finale of trilogy built over seven years. People want to see how both of these films will play. It's almost like they are looking for a satisfying way to purge the genre from their system.
I respectfully disagree. I don't think people are ready to move on. They just want to see films that are good.

People went to Avengers initially because they liked the bulk of the films that led up to it. They saw a series of good films and saw this as the latest in that series. Word of mouth built up because the film was actually very good.

No, the sequels probably won't do as well, simply because I don't think they'll have the same word of mouth. But they'll still do well.

DC's problem is that they're trying to build on films that either didn't work, haven't come out yet or aren't likely part of the same continuity.
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