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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Well they are a business and the goal is to make money. If that can be done with something with artistic integrity? Great. If it can be done with garbage from Adam Sandler? Great.

They don't care how they make money.....they're there to make money. All other considerations are secondary.

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My theory is that the 'standard' comic book film is something people don't want to see..
I disagree. Watchmen wasn't the standard comic book movie and that's why it failed. People were expecting the type of formulaic movie we've had in EVERY single super hero movie made since 2000. What they got was a murder mystery in a world of shades of gray that lacked "super villains". (Come to think of it, when was the last time you heard anyone mention Kick Ass?)

They wanted "Iron Man Begins Forever Part 6". They want standard "Good Guy vs Bad Guy" stuff and looking at Avengers success, they also don't want to think much either with their comic book movies. The movie was enjoyable, but it was a standard popcorn flick with all the depth of an inflatable baby pool.

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(look at Green Lantern, or the only marginal hype for Amazing Spider-Man) but if there is a decent build up to it,then people will want to see how it plays.
Soooo.....they need to make movies about Hal Jordan and Peter Parker and then build up to the movie where they actually become super heroes?

GL was hyped so much that people were getting sick of it and bombed because it was badly executed garbage. No one's getting worked up about Spider-Man because the last series was a mega hit, it wasn't that long ago and there's the feeling of "been there, done that".

You may have to clarify this one a bit.
You don't have to be confrontational. You don't have to be argumentative. I'm seeing a general sense of comic-book overload, a lot of people are kind of sick of them. That's all Hollywood is making. watchmen wasn't the success that the studio wanted. Superman returns wasn't either. People didn't buy into how cool Green Lantern would be.. I don't see a lot of excitement for Spider-Man, partly for the reasons you mentioned. But in general, i think the movie going public is ready to move on. You could use the Avengers tremendous success to question my point, but that film was a culmination of years of build up. People wanted to see it, they wanted to see how it played. Same with TDKR, the finale of trilogy built over seven years. People want to see how both of these films will play. It's almost like they are looking for a satisfying way to purge the genre from their system. My bet is that the individual movies leading up to the Avengers 2 won't match the success of the Avengers, and, unless the stories are absolutely phenomenal, the heroes' names alone won't guarantee success (one need only look at Iron Man 2 to see that I'm right0. And what happens when Avengers 2 comes around. They all team up to fight more aliens. It might have been somewhat special to see comic book heroes team up once to fight aliens, but twice-- I'm not sure.
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