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Although, yes, reimagined Borg could be awesome. Using CG to replace or remove body parts (a lower jaw, part of an arm, part of the torso etc), and replace some with machinery would make them look far more scary than just wearing rubber over the top.
Sure but the best Borg stories (Q Who, Best of Both Worlds and I, Borg) worked well although they did not look particularly scary and FC worked not because but in spite of their zombie looks.
I am not a fan of the shift from the Borg as more of an ideological enemy to this Cronenbergian "assimilation is so horrible" stuff.

"BOBW" and "family" portrayed assimilation as pretty horrible. That wasn't exactly a FC revelation.
It was implied that it is horrible but it was not really shown and in Family Picard talks more about having being forced to do things against his will than about the assimilation.
Before FC the Borg are far less material creatures than afterwards and as usual TNG worked best when it was about ideas.
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