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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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The guy who wrote the screenplay for Reynolds Green Lantern?
Great, proof you can fail upwards yet again.
He also wrote Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and co-wrote Peter Pan and Contact. Should Hollywood be one strike and you're out, even when you've had previous success? David Goyer and Joss Whedon wouldn't have been available to work on Batman Begins and The Avengers if that was the case.
I haven't seen any of the Potter films so no comment.
I don't have a high opinion of Peter Pan.
Contact was so long ago I don't recall specifics. That was the Jodie Foster movie right?

Of course it shouldn't be one strike you're out. I would debate, if I were a WB guy in a boardroom somewhere, the seriousness of taking a screen writer from an underperforming recent superhero flick(GL) and transplanting them to another so soon.
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