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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

OK, got all caught up with this. I generally like this story with the Section 31 shadow plot on the show trial being put on for what appears to be purely political reasons. And as I mention my recent forays into the Typhon Pact series of books, I was quite interested in your interpretation of these characters.

What I do find odd here is that Dax is being put on trial by the Federation Council in a hearing (but really a trial as there will be a verdict at the end) presided over by the president herself. That's like having a Navy captain dragged in front of Congress, questioned by Senators with the president as the judge. That's probably not a fair comparison as the Federation is not exactly modeled after the U.S. Constitution but at the very least you'd expect some form of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice in which a starship captain would have to face a court martial and be prosecuted by a Starfleet prosecutor representing the interests of the Federation with a Starfleet appointed counselor arguing in her defense.

I suppose the reason I find this hearing/trial odd is because it is quite clear from your last chapter that you're drawing strong parallels to contemporary American society in other areas, i.e. liberal versus conservative pundits, heavy news coverage, reference to the Declaration of Independence, etc.

I suppose it might really just boil down to a different interpretation of what Federation law would or should be like in a situation like this and that's of course perfectly alright.
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