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Re: Unification Invasion

I don't know if I can buy Vulcan being right on the edge of Romulan space. Was that stated in the episode?
Not stated, but both this episode and STXI make it look as if getting from Romulan space to Vulcan takes no time at all - and ST:FC makes it look as if getting from the RNZ to Earth takes very little time, too. That is, hours rather than the days involved in going to DS9 and back.

I understood that it was relatively close earth and Andor (Andoria?) which would seem to put it deep in Federation space. Which would make it a little awkward if the Romulans decided to set up shop there (even with the Vulcans blessing). It would be like Montana giving themselves over to Chinese rule. The rest of the U.S. just wouldn't stand for it.
But basically the UFP is already accepting that the Chinese control Mexico, Canada and and Cuba. And now they are more or less getting Texas or Florida rather than Montana. These pointy-eared bastards have always been very close neighbors to Earth and Vulcan, it seems...

And, again, there's the issue of crossing the Neutral Zone in order to get to there. Just the act of the Romulans traveling to Vulcan would be an act of war against the Federation.
...But only until the RNZ was redefined to also encompass Vulcan.

Besides, it's not as if Romulan ships outside the RNZ would have really triggered any wars in TNG or DS9. Including the ones that fired on Starfleet vessels or installations.

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