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They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

I guess greed has penetrated the WB shield, and they want to see the same numbers Disney/ Marvel saw with the Avengers.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the Avengers (it was a fine and fun comic book film, but as a regular movie, it was pretty routine, even force) and the films that led to it were fun but at times unfulfilling, and the teases to the Avengers didn't constitute a thread so much as a few lines that talk of something that was supposed to be bigger, but at least Marvel still put the effort to create a build-up to the film. That's why it was a success. My theory is that the 'standard' comic book film is something people don't want to see.. (look at Green Lantern, or the only marginal hype for Amazing Spider-Man) but if there is a decent build up to it,then people will want to see how it plays.

It just seems that WB is just trying to follow suit. The suits are getting nervous.
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