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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

it's just a question of when Canada and the US reintegrated?

Was there a war of the Americas during those dark times?

Usually wars don't bankrupt both sides.

Then again in the old days, the winning army would just rape the civilians take everything not nailed down and go home...

The civilized world is too touchy feely to win a war guilt free.

So Canada and America hammered the shit out of each other, maybe something happened to the English Royal family, and then went for a hand out to Pepsi and Time Warner Brothers AOL afraid that all those soldiers would say fuck it and carve out their own little empires when their paychecks bounced?

I wonder how far down the American Union extends?

Past Mexico?

past Columbia?

Past Peru?

Past Chile

Past Argentina?

All the way to the Falkland Islands which puts Britain and America squarely at odds.

But like I said, something probably happened to the British Royal family.
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