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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

Rarewolf wrote: View Post
Robin and Chase have been added.
Wow, the big guests are being wheeled out here. Robin and Chase are lovely, but Chase was at GSITG. A waste of a guest spot IMHO.

900 tickets need to be sold here, ladies and gents. These guests just aren't cutting the mustard.

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I never noticed Shatner looking plump when he was on TV the other week, its just Patrick and Avery are very thin in comparison.
Shatner was more suitably dressed on HIGNFY. He doesn't help himself trying to fit in to t-shirts that are far too small for his expanding girth. Patrick and Avery are stick thin, but I don't think the comparison makes Shatner look any fatter than he actually is. Didn't Shatner wear a girdle in TOS?
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