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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

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Of course, that just raises the question, since her outfit can provide addresses of their ancestors, why doesn't she just track them down and kill them. Of course, it's completely unethical to kill someone just because of what their great-grandchildren will do 60 years from now, but considering how much of a threat these poeple are both in the future and the present, it's an option that should at least be considered.
Wouldn't it be more ethical just to alter their life paths so they didn't meet their future spouses, or something?
Good idea. My point was that Kiera has knowledge to essentially prevent these people from being born, which she threatened to do do that guy in the pilot. Whether she kills them, manipulates them into not meeting their spouses, or manipulates a divorce if they're already married, or makes them sterile or whatever, it's an option that's open to her. Likely a last resort option, but an option all the same.

Of course, it is interesting that they all seem to be from the British Columbia and have ancestry in the BC area going back 60 years. While not implausible, you'd think 60 years is long enough that at least one of them would have had their ancestors somewhere outside the province in modern day.
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