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Batman the series seen through modern eyes misses why it was so fresh when it appeared, It was the Airplane! of its time: taking something essentially ludicrous that was played straight and playing it SO straight that it became silly. It was really a pop-art film version of the late 50s Batman comics, with the giant death traps, etc.
Except that, as I said, the Batman and other DC comics of the day weren't played straight. They were full of deliberately goofy, zany, ridiculous situations and sitcom-like character plots. There's no way the writers who came up with the likes of the Rainbow Batman weren't trying to tell funny stories. The reason the producers of the show made it a comedy is because that's what the comics already were.

Keep in mind that several storylines on the TV series were direct adaptations of comic-book storylines. For instance, the first Joker appearance on the show was a fairly faithful adaptation of 1952's "The Joker's Utility Belt," with material added to flesh out the first half-hour, but the basic story beats much the same. There was nothing particularly serious about the comics story that the episode twisted to be funny. They were both pretty similar in tone and approach. And the comics story definitely ended on a punch line, with the Joker sick to death of belts but being sentenced to do hard labor at a belt factory.

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I've been reading a lot of optimistic things about Anne Hathaway but it remains to be seen.
From what I've seen in trailers, Hathaway's Catwoman has a very Newmaresque quality, which I think is great.
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