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Re: When is DC's The New 52 going to revert back to the original unive

The industry is clearly moving towards digital periodicals and print collections being the mainstay of its business, but they're trying to navigate the transition without their current business model falling apart before digital has matured. Monthly print books and the direct market are still too important to abandon at this point, even though they're not where the future lies.

Print monthlies are a decidedly niche business, with individual titles selling low numbers compared to the past, but a much larger number of titles are published than in the past. The Top 300 titles sold about 72 million print monthly comics in 2011, with the Big Two accounting for about 90% of that. Print comics are actually in much better shape than other print periodicals. Newspapers and magazines are in terrible shape.

As for the New 52's sales, in April of this year DC had a unit market share of 34.06% in terms of direct market print monthlies out of a Top 300 that sold an estimated 6.1 million total. In April 2011 DC had a unit market share of 26.89% out of a Top 300 that sold about 5.3 million total. So DC sold over half a million more print comics in April 2011 as compared to the year before.

As has been pointed out already, digital sales numbers aren't reported. Neither are total graphic novel sales. Graphic novel sales for the direct market are reported, but they represent a relatively small percentage of all graphic novels sold. Most graphic novels are sold by bookstores and online booksellers.
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