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The Adam West show is terrific, an extremely authentic adaptation of the way the character was handled in the comics at the time. People see it as mocking the comics, but the comics from that period actually didn't take themselves particularly seriously and were full of ridiculous and comedic situations that bordered on self-parody. If anything, the show was more sedate than the comics. At least Adam West's Batman never had Superman brainwash him into having blackouts and adopting an alternate hero persona to compete with himself to be Superman's new partner, just to pose Batman with an insoluble mystery as an anniversary present.

And people sometimes forget that the Adam West series introduced Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, one of the most important and beloved figures in the Batman family, and it was the show that defined the basic characterization she had in the comics -- her intelligence, her fearlessness and skill rivalling Batman's, her sense of joy in crimefighting. The third season was actually pretty badly done compared to the first two, but Batgirl was a fantastic addition to the mythos.
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