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The best Batman comics had an air of realism to them, a measure of credibility, as far as can be possible when delving into the superhero genre. The Burton and Schumacher films rejected that. There is an underlying feeling of them sneering under their breath saying, "Look how silly all this is." In their own way they're mocking the whole exercise. Did they do that intentionally? Burton, maybe not, Schumacher, most likely.

But the end result is just something of a mockery of a damn good character. We all know that Batman isn't real, but part of the fun is imagining he could be real. Nolan gets that. The producers and directors and writers of the better superhero films get that.

Burton and Schumacher either didn't get it or just rejected it.

I like Batman to be given a sense of realism. I don't like him being mocked.
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