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With the advent of Nolan's movies, I've come to realize that I really enjoy a more "real world" feeling to my superhero movies and that Burton's vision of Gotham (and then subsequently Shumacher's) just left me cold, which is no way to enjoy a movie.
I had the exact opposite reaction. Gotham City should be presented as a character in it's own right, with a distinct feel and personality. Nolan's Gotham could be any city, and that bored me.

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Oddly, the Nolan movies make me miss the 89 movie more.
They're so serious and faux-realistic that they almost forget they're based on a comic book character named "Batman".

I still enjoy the Nolan movies, I'm not a hater by any means. But sometimes it's just a bit too much. I have more trouble re-watching, for example, The Dark Knight, than any other super hero movie I own, mostly because it's so dark and almost exhausting. There needs to be a bit more fun, or at least, better balance. I get more 'entertainment' value from other movies despite them not being as well crafted.
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