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Still, Amendola's character was in the opening five minutes of the pilot and then disappears. Is his agent that good guarantee a main cast credit for him in the whole series for a five minute stint?
Well, if he's getting regular billing, of course he'll be back. My point is simply that someone who's under contract as a regular isn't necessarily going to get his credit removed from an episode he isn't in. Lots of people think that credits are just about describing who's doing what in a production, but they're really about who gets paid what, which is why they're often rather different from reality. Whether and how a person gets credited for a particular episode depends on the particular contract they have, so there's no uniform rule.

I guess this is something we have to wait and see how it plays out, but I hope that if he returns they don't play it as a surprise twist. Because anyone who pays attention the the credits is going to be expecting it.
You'd be surprised how many people don't pay any attention to the credits. I've seen TV reporters' Q&A columns where people wrote in to ask them who played such-and-such a role on their favorite show even though the name was clearly shown in the credits every week (even back in the days when you actually had to pay for a stamp to send mail to someone). Some people just don't pay attention to written text. (Including, in my experience, most of the drivers on the freeway when you enter a construction zone with a clearly marked reduced speed limit.)

Of course, that just raises the question, since her outfit can provide addresses of their ancestors, why doesn't she just track them down and kill them. Of course, it's completely unethical to kill someone just because of what their great-grandchildren will do 60 years from now, but considering how much of a threat these poeple are both in the future and the present, it's an option that should at least be considered.
Wouldn't it be more ethical just to alter their life paths so they didn't meet their future spouses, or something?
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