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Batman Returns (1992) **

Catwoman, the Penguin and a scheming financier wreak choas on Gotham City.

Some people around here aren’t going to like me. This was a bad and painful movie to watch. I remember it being better, but it’s just bad. Michelle Pfieffer notwithstanding.

The 1989 Batman had a very Burton-esque flavour to it, but Batman Returns is not only very theatrical yet also pure umistakably Tim Burton. Everything is exaggerated and over exaggerated. There is no subtlety whatsoever. Watching this is like watching a live-action cartoon, and in this context I don’t mean that in a good way.

This version of Batman has no apparent aversion to killing if it comes down to it. The origin story for Catwoman is just plain stupid. The Penguin is simply grotesque. Max Shreck is a psycho. I could find no interest whatsoever for these characters. It's not much better than a somewhat more serious version of the '60's TV series.

I couldn’t buy one thing in this film. It was one bit of nonsense and ridiculousness after another.

The one good thing I liked was that Batman’s costume looked better here than previously, particularly the cowl.

On second thought the one other good thing is that it’s somewhat better than the two films which follow it.

What a huge disappointment.
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