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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

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I noticed Tony Amendola was listed in the credits. Why? While I guess it's possible the speculation that he ended up at another time mihgt turn out to be true, doesn't haveing him listed at the beginning of each episode kind of ruin whatever surprise they might be trying to build?
Credits are about money. If an actor gets credited in the main titles for an episode, that means he gets paid for that episode and gets residuals from its reruns and home-video sales, whether he appears in the episode or not. (People credited in the end titles get paid for the episode but don't get residuals, or so I understand it.) If Amendola is under contract as a regular cast member, entitled to get paid for the entire season, then he gets billed as a regular cast member.

There have been some shows (like Heroes, IIRC) where only the cast members actually present in a given episode are credited for that episode; and there have been cases (like the House finale) where a featured actor's credit is held until the end to preserve the surprise of their appearance. But those are special cases, and what kind of billing an actor gets depends on what their contract specifies. Amendola's prominent enough that his agent was probably able to get a contract that got him paid for every episode, and thus billed in every episode.

Anyway, being billed as a regular doesn't necessarily guarantee your character will return. In the NBC series Awake that just ended, Michaela McManus was hired as a regular and her name appeared in the opening credits of every episode, even though she only appeared in episodes 1, 3, and 4 and then was dropped altogether. They changed their mind about the role they'd intended for the character, so they wrote her out, but McManus was still presumably under contract for the whole season, so she got credited and paid for the whole season -- which seems like a pretty nice compensation for being written out of the show so soon.
Still, Amendola's character was in the opening five minutes of the pilot and then disappears. Is his agent that good guarantee a main cast credit for him in the whole series for a five minute stint?

I guess this is something we have to wait and see how it plays out, but I hope that if he returns they don't play it as a surprise twist. Because anyone who pays attention the the credits is going to be expecting it.

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The most head scratching part of all this is the many people they're indiscriminately killing. Hey future terrorists, how do you know you didn't just kill off the one person that could have averted the draconian bent your society embraced? Or a relative? Or set off the very events that led to the corporate takeover? Dumb, very dumb.
The indiscriminate killing is simply to emphasize that they are badass. Although, I suspect they are careful enough not to kill their ancestors. Kiera was able to pull up the address of that guy's contemporary relatives in the pilot.

Of course, that just raises the question, since her outfit can provide addresses of their ancestors, why doesn't she just track them down and kill them. Of course, it's completely unethical to kill someone just because of what their great-grandchildren will do 60 years from now, but considering how much of a threat these poeple are both in the future and the present, it's an option that should at least be considered.
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