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Re: Revell USS Voyager - Year Of Hell

A good modeler must be a good story-teller, and a torn up ship like this is the perfect expression of that. When makeing a huge torn out section of hull, think about what specific event caused that damage. How would that event spread into the volume of the ship? if you have identifiable surface elements that you've torn into (phaser strips, lifeboat hatches) show us the guts of that equipment that have been exposed. Maybe show some areas patched back up, suggesting that at least for a while, things were still hopeful enough to attempt repairs.

I've always wanted to do a model like this and the kit you're working on is a great candidate because it's big enough scale for some nice detail and Rick Sternbach designed it with plenty of known greeblies on the surface which gives you no end of detailing opportunities on this sort of project.

I do really like the effect you've managed with the soldering iron on the damaged areas. You really captured the feel of fatigued and pitted metal.

I'm looking forward to following this thread...

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